Where to Live in Eastern Washington - The East side of the Mountains

Washington East of the Cascade Mountains is a whole other world than that of the west side. Dryer climate and almost desert like conditions describe this part of the state with a unique beauty all its own. In contrast to the mildness of the West side, winters AND summers are more harsh here and the Eastsiders love it! Geographically centralized in the state of Washington, but still a part of the east side, are the cities of Leavenworth, Wenatchee and Cashmere. Median listing price for homes in Leavenworth and Wenatchee is $276,000. The median listing price for homes in Cashmere is $500,738. where to live in Eastern Washington

Leavenworth  - A city in Chelan County Washington, Leavenworth was brought into existence by the railroad in the late 1800s. However, by the 1920s, the railroad relocated to Wenatchee greatly crippling this quaint town. It was then that Leavenworth modeled itself after Bavarian villages making it the picturesque tourist destination it is today. Leavenworth is known for Octoberfest, its Nutcracker museum and its holiday festivities. It's not unusual for Western Washingtonians to travel over Steven's Pass to Leavenworth on any given weekend, making it the ideal meeting point to hook up with their friends and family from the East side. Residents consider Leavenworth the best of all worlds conveniently located just 22 miles from Wenatchee and the services it offers and only 100 miles to I-5 in Everett. Leavenworth also boasts the vibrancy and fullness of every characteristic that all four seasons of the year have to offer. Peruse listings and start down the path to making Leavenworth your home today!

Wenatchee - Wenatchee is the largest city and county seat of Chelan County. Wenatchee got its name from the nearby Wenatchi Indian tribe. It means "river which comes from canyons". Wenatchee valley has many orchards making Wenatchee known as the apple capital of the world. Every year, for the two weeks adjoining April and May, Wenatchee hosts the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, which most likely brings in the largest amount of people this city sees annually with exception to the migrant workers that pick the fields. Wenatchee is considered by many to be a very beautiful and picturesque place to live making it easy for families to lay down roots and call Wenatchee home. Check out listings and start planting your roots now!

 Cashmere - The Wenatchi people are also native to Cashmere as well as Wenatchee as these cities are neighbors. Originally known as Mission for the missionaries that lived among the Wenatchi people, the town was later re named Cashmere as a more americanized spelling of the name Kashmir, a town in India that a local judge claimed Cashmere greatly resembled. Dominating the view to the west is Mt. Cashmere and to the east, the Wenatchee River. This rural area does not go unappreciated by locals as it is inhabited by lush natural beauty and wildlife that makes living here remarkably inviting and peaceful. Become acquainted with www.teamhess.com in your intent to call Cashmere home. Photo by Joe Mabel

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