Is selling your Wenatchee Home during the holidays a smart idea?

Most of us know the housing market tends to slow in these colder winter months and pick back up when the first signs of spring are showing on the cherry trees. But does it mean it's not a good time to try and sell during the holidays?

This may not be a question of if you should sell but a fact that you just have to sell right now. Many times we don't get the luxury of choosing when to sell a home but certain factors such as lack of income, job or family change or life change forces us to make those tough decisions regardless of the time of year. But you do have options when selling your home during the winter months.

Hoping that it's still before Christmas, staging your home for the holidays may actually help the sale of the house. Don't neglect your traditional decorations just because you may have to pack them up soon. Take them out and set things up the way you normally would or better yet, have a professional stager use your decorations to make your home a winter wonderland. Homes that are decorated typically feel more warm and cozy anyway. Make sure you have the space for your decorations and if you find your home gets a little crowded with a tree and festive items, consider removing excess furniture so the home still has a nice flow from room to room.

Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean you won't have buyers touring your home. Just as it may not be your choice to sell, buyers may find they need a home soon. Take advantage of this by giving them a home set in the perfect scene. Holiday scents also allow buyers to linger in the home. Sugar cookies baking, cinnamon and nutmeg candles and wintery home fresheners all add to the holiday charm.

Curb Appeal

Remember not to let your outside curb appeal die out either. While you may not have to break out the radio controlled Christmas lights that annoy your neighbors after bedtime, you should have some tasteful decorations and evergreen shrubs or trees to keep the outside looking bright and cheerful. Winter can be a time of many dead looking plants and trees so off-set that by having potted evergreens lining the walk way or on each side of the front door. A festive wreath is always inviting.

Worried about offending buyers? Don't be. Most buyers realize that personal taste is just that; personal. Keeping religious decorations to a minimum may be appropriate but having the classic and tasteful holiday decorations is typically well received. Think of your home as well decorated department store. You feel the holiday spirit but are not overwhelmed with green garland brushing your face around every corner.

So take advantage of the season. When Christmas is over, keep those Winter scents around and possible generic Winter decorations and hopefully you will be sold before Spring!

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