Consider a better investment: Land in Wenatchee

Many people feel that investing in stocks is the safer bet but overall statistics show that land steadily increases over time where stocks are always set to jump back and forth. The less risky move would be to invest in land. Wenatchee has many great opportunities and there's no better time to start your investments than now. Investing in Wenatchee Land

Buying stocks in this current market may seem more than a bit risky. Knowing that you can buy and sell and trade back and forth can do much more than cost you a buck. This type of headache can be unending and unless you have someone to manage these finances, the time it can take from your life is irreversible.

On the flip-side,investing in land can create a better and more steady climb up the increase ladder and you don't have to babysit it every step of the way. Knowing you have the security in Wenatchee land can give you a peace of mind no standard stock can offer.

The decision and time invested happens at the beginning and the end. Whether you are investing for retirement or buying and selling for development your ROI (rate of increase) is a more steady pace with land and real estate than with typical stocks.

Real Estate may, however, require some maintenance depending on what you're planning on doing with it. Apartment buildings need managing, rental properties need upkeep and subdivisions need developing. The profit can go straight into your pocket each month though, and this may be a better instant return if you plan on hanging onto the property.

Stocks can be stagnant or can increase or decrease. It's a more risky move and with land you are typically guaranteed some return either on the sale, improvement or maintenance of that land.

Second Home

Biggest Mistake

You may need to do more than simply buy one property and sell it to make more on your return than in stocks. If you simply are going to live in the home and sell later for a profit this may not be much to retire on but the rate of return is typically better in the short run.

Ben Stein said this about investing in real estate:

"You won't make as much in the long run as you would on stocks, but no one I know can live inside a stock, make love inside a stock, read a story to a child inside a stock, or lie in bed reading next to their dogs in a stock. So, yes, real estate rules. It's a good, even great, investment — just not the perfect investment." [for everyone]

So what works best for you? Give me a call and we can go over some great Wenatchee land investment opportunities currently on the market. As you Wenatchee Realtor I can offer tips, tricks of the trade, expert care and seasoned experience when buying or selling any Wenatchee Real Estate.

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